Finally – an MMO (massive multiplayer online) game where you don’t kill things – you save the world. The game is a 10 week program and the first round runs from the March to the 12th May 2010.  The idea behind Evoke is to get people around the world (13+), particularly young people in Africa, involved in creatively brainstorming ideas to make solve the world’s problems.

Each mission, which is released weekly, has three parts – to LEARN (by reading a blog about the problem); to ACT (follow social innovators through social networking sites); and finally to IMAGINE (brainstorm and post ideas in game).

This project is a collaboration between the World Bank and game designer Jane McGonigal who spoke at this year’s TED conference on the wasted attributes of gamers – Gamers are super empowered, hopeful individuals who believe they can change the world – the only problem is that its a virtual world they think they can change not the real one.

Find out more about Evoke.

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