The day I bought Goanimate into my house was a quiet day.  It was quiet because I first showed my 9 year old who has ADHD how to use it.  After about 10 minutes he was not only telling me what he wanted to do, he was taking control and doing it.  After our 15 minute joint venture, he went to his room, shut the door and proceeded to spend the next few hours creating animations.  He only came out to ask me to make him a Tumblr blog so that he could share his work with his grandma and cousins! 

Not to be outdone, his older, teenage brothers thought they would have a go. They didn’t need any lessons, they just logged in and worked it out.  None of them have been interested in animation before but immediately became engrossed because it was so easy.

The really amazing thing though was that one of the older boys noticed the “Create for a Cause” competition and decided to spend his Sunday researching child labour laws and the exploitation of children and then beginning an animation to promote fighting against it – look out Disney here he comes!  

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