How to Promote Creativity in Your Classroom

Creativity by mrsdkrebs, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  mrsdkrebs 

Miriam Clifford recently wrote a blog post “30 Things you can do to Promote Creativity in Your Classroom“.  The post has a wealth of information and suggestions on how to go about implementing the list.

Here is a summary of the suggestions:

  1. Embrace creativity as part of learning.
  2. Use the most effective strategies.
  3. Think of creativity as a skill.
  4. Participate in or create a program to develop creative skills.
  5. Use emotional connections.
  6. Use a creativity model.
  7. Consider how classroom assignments use divergent and convergent thinking.
  8. Creativity flourishes in a “congenial environment”.
  9. Be aware during discussions.
  10. See creativity in a positive light.
  11. Try the Incubation Model.
  12. Use a cultural artifact.
  13. Establish expressive freedom.
  14. Be familiar with standards.
  15. Gather outside resources.
  16. Allow room for mistakes.
  17. Allow space for creativity.
  18. Give students time to ask questions.
  19. Creativity builds confidence.
  20. Encourage curiosity.
  21. Structure is essential.
  22. Observe a working model of creativity.
  23. Consider the work of current experts in the field.
  24. Explore different cultures.
  25. Find ways to incorporate and integrate art, music and culture.
  26. Use a collaborative creative thinking model to solve classroom problems.
  27. Design multidisciplinary lessons when possible.
  28. Tapping into multiple intelligences is key.
  29. Understand that creativity is important to students’ future in the job market.
  30. Teach creative skills explicitly.

If you want more information go to the full post >>


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