Khan Academy Crash Course

If you still think Khan Academy is just a bunch of Maths tutorial videos, it’s time for you to look again!  I spent a great day last Thursday with our Maths department looking at the many features of Khan Academy and how it can be used to improve student learning.

These include:

  • exactly which questions a student is getting right and wrong
  • how long students spend doing a particular problem
  • their attempts at answering the problem
  • the problem solving strategies they used
  • whether or not they sought help via a video or just a hint to get them started
  • how to identify students who are struggling and
  • much, much more

If you are interested in learning more look at the Khan Academy website (there are teacher instructions under Coach > Coach Resources)

Or look at our blog post of instructions for the day.

There are also a wide variety of videos for subject areas other than Maths.


About Anita Garnsworthy

eLearning Coordinator at a Secondary Girls College. Passionate about improving pedagogy and empowering students to become independent learners. Relationship > Pedagogy > Technology @Annitix
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