Create a Podcast and share it with a QR Code

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 6.54.07 AMOur Year 8 students are doing art evaluations and creating a gallery of paintings with QR codes that link to their podcasts of their evaluations. This is all being done on an iPad.

The basic work flow is:

  1. Create the podcast in Garage Band
  2. Send the sound file to iMovie and add the artwork
  3. Upload the finished movie to Google Drive
  4. Get the URL from Google Drive (make sure you have updated to the new version)
  5. Use to create a QR code for the podcast
  6. Create the gallery poster (Pages, Postr or whatever App they like)
  7. Share the podcast with the school community in their Google Drive


About Anita Garnsworthy

eLearning Coordinator at a Secondary Girls College. Passionate about improving pedagogy and empowering students to become independent learners. Relationship > Pedagogy > Technology @Annitix
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