Emailing to Evernote More Effectively

I really like it when a software vendor emails me something useful, it happens too infrequently – but these tips were great.  If you’re a user of Evernote you probably know how to email directly into an Evernote Note.  Did you know that you could state which notebook and even include tags as well?  If not, this post is for you…

How to find your Evernote email address on a browser

Once you are logged in to go the top right hand corner and click your name and Account Settings

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 6.54.09 AM

Then half way down the page you will see Email Notes to with an email address – you want to add this address to your contacts (I call mine Evernote Upload).

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 6.53.24 AM

Sending a Note via Email

Now if I want to forward an email to my evernote account for later use or save document or even a website (better ways are available for websites) then I just email it to this address and it becomes a new note.

Specifying a Notebook

Just add @Notebook Name to the end of the subject line (replace Notebook Name with the actual title of your Notebook eg @eLearning would put it in my eLearning Notebook in Evernote)

Adding a Tag to the Note

After the @Notebook Name put a #tag eg #maths would put a “maths” tag on the note for searching later.

Setting a Notification

Add a ! to the subject line to add a notification eg if I want to receive a notification tomorrow I would include !tomorrow or !YYYY/MM/DD so !2013/09/03

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Khan Academy Crash Course

If you still think Khan Academy is just a bunch of Maths tutorial videos, it’s time for you to look again!  I spent a great day last Thursday with our Maths department looking at the many features of Khan Academy and how it can be used to improve student learning.

These include:

  • exactly which questions a student is getting right and wrong
  • how long students spend doing a particular problem
  • their attempts at answering the problem
  • the problem solving strategies they used
  • whether or not they sought help via a video or just a hint to get them started
  • how to identify students who are struggling and
  • much, much more

If you are interested in learning more look at the Khan Academy website (there are teacher instructions under Coach > Coach Resources)

Or look at our blog post of instructions for the day.

There are also a wide variety of videos for subject areas other than Maths.

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National Digital Learning Resources Network


Portal of digital resources to aid in implementing the national curriculum

Here is a selection of digital curriculum resources from the thousands of items available through the National Digital Learning Resources Network (NDLRN). The sample demonstrates how NDLRN resources for Foundation to year 10 are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. It includes interactive learning resources and tools, film clips, sound files, photographs, maps and teacher support materials.

For teachers at my school you will need to access via Scootle.

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AAAS Science Netlinks


Great portal of science lessons for K – 12 educators

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The Radix Endeavour

Finally, a MMO (massive multiplayer online) game to teach science and maths to high school students!

The game is funded by the Gates Foundation, and under development at the MIT Education Arcade in collaboration with Filament Games. The initial phase will cover topics in biology, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics, providing students with a collaborative, social experience in a systems-based game world where they can explore how the world works and discover important scientific concepts. The project began in late 2011 and will be released in a public pilot phase in the fall of 2013.

For more information visit the Radix website >>

If you want to know more about how gaming can make a better world watch this sensational TED talk from Jane McGonigal

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3 Tech Ninjas


Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 7.56.56 PM

The 3 Tech Ninjas is a great website with HEAPS of Web 2.0 tools nicely categorised by activity.  Click here to view the website >>

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How to Promote Creativity in Your Classroom

Creativity by mrsdkrebs, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  mrsdkrebs 

Miriam Clifford recently wrote a blog post “30 Things you can do to Promote Creativity in Your Classroom“.  The post has a wealth of information and suggestions on how to go about implementing the list.

Here is a summary of the suggestions:

  1. Embrace creativity as part of learning.
  2. Use the most effective strategies.
  3. Think of creativity as a skill.
  4. Participate in or create a program to develop creative skills.
  5. Use emotional connections.
  6. Use a creativity model.
  7. Consider how classroom assignments use divergent and convergent thinking.
  8. Creativity flourishes in a “congenial environment”.
  9. Be aware during discussions.
  10. See creativity in a positive light.
  11. Try the Incubation Model.
  12. Use a cultural artifact.
  13. Establish expressive freedom.
  14. Be familiar with standards.
  15. Gather outside resources.
  16. Allow room for mistakes.
  17. Allow space for creativity.
  18. Give students time to ask questions.
  19. Creativity builds confidence.
  20. Encourage curiosity.
  21. Structure is essential.
  22. Observe a working model of creativity.
  23. Consider the work of current experts in the field.
  24. Explore different cultures.
  25. Find ways to incorporate and integrate art, music and culture.
  26. Use a collaborative creative thinking model to solve classroom problems.
  27. Design multidisciplinary lessons when possible.
  28. Tapping into multiple intelligences is key.
  29. Understand that creativity is important to students’ future in the job market.
  30. Teach creative skills explicitly.

If you want more information go to the full post >>

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